Cancer? We've Got This by Juliet Mitchell

Have you ever wondered why there are no short, concise books about the complicated topic of cancer? Yet, there are hundreds of textbooks, pamphlets, websites and more. These can be overwhelming and time consuming.

This easy-to-digest, short book will become your bff. Seriously, for people who want to become proactive about not getting cancer, and/or learn ways to overcome it, Cancer? We’ve Got This! is an invaluable resource.

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Debut author Juliet Mitchell is a witty, mom-of-one, cancer survivor who beat the odds by absorbing every shred of information she could about cancer. It wasn’t easy. Sources were plentiful, yet too overwhelming. Juliet enrolled at Harvard University to study health, food, nutrition and well-being. Readers that want a way to get maximum knowledge within a short amount of space will really dig the style and tone that Juliet uses. Cancer? We’ve Got This! features do’s and don’ts, secrets of cancer survivors, and other hard-to-find information that will give you a winning edge against cancer.



“Cancer is scary and feels hopeless at times. Thank you, Juliet Mitchell, for teaching us how to gain control and make simple changes.” — Katrina Hedberg


“I wanted to thank you so much for helping me see the changes that are necessary, and if we are willing to make those changes… it can truly turn our lives around and have a major impact. I have had AMAZING RESULTS! And my doctor has found NO CANCER IN MY BODY. I pray that if I continue to stick to a healthy diet, detox my liver, juice and exercise, I will live a long, healthy life. Thank you, Juliet for this valuable information!” — Kim T., R.N.