Juliet Mitchell’s Mission:

To raise awareness among the masses about the increasing levels of toxicity that exist within our environment; as well as the high degree of poisons that we consume. By introducing wholesome alternatives, she hopes to build a community of like-minded truth-seekers, so that everyone may live in a pure, healthy and disease-free state of being; for life.

Juliet Accomplishes This Mission By…

• Revealing which products are truly pure and work well, so you don’t have to spend money on excessive organic products that don’t work
• Not selling anything to her followers, friends and fans
• Pulling the curtain back on product ingredients that are truly toxic, yet which get by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) standards for overall healthiness
• Teaching people which products rate 0 – 10 for healthiness.
• Purchasing products and testing them on her own, to discover which ones work and which ones don’t. She takes out all of the guesswork in choosing healthy products.

A Note From Juliet Mitchell:

juliet-mission-image“On my journey after ovarian cancer – between the years of trial and error – I have discovered loads of organic products that work. Bear in mind that these “analyses” represent my own, female perspective, however, there will be many products for men to consider (well, minus the cosmetics).

I also will be sharing my pure lifestyle with you. This includes a healthy, vegan lifestyle, clean thinking and simple spirituality. Our bodies work as one unit. We can’t be eating clean and be thinking toxic. We can’t be putting a bunch of chemicals on our body and then be living a clean, spiritual life. When one of the body’s systems becomes blemished, then they may all be compromised. Although the goal here is not to be perfect, we strive to live as pure as possible, and with frequency. In this manner, it becomes a lifestyle. My personal goal is to live 90% pure. How about you? If you are ready to get healthy, pure and toxin-free, FOLLOW ME!”